So, how much money can I expect to generate from my Solar Panels?

Well, below is a typical scenario which involves a 6.5kw system which we explain during the initial free consultation. So, in this example we are utilising a 6.5kW system with a 5.0kW SMA inverter.

Solar array size (Kw) x Darwin regions average daily irradiation of 6 sun hours. (This is a constant for Darwin) = expected daily output in Kw/hrs

The current feed in Tariff in the NT is 1 for 1.

We base every Kw/Hr produced is worth $0.25 so for example, as most clients are only looking at the biggest system they can get which is 6.5kW, the formula would look like this:

6.5 (Kw) x 6 (sun hours) x 0.25 (1 for 1 Tarif) = $9.75/day on average.
So for a 6.5kw system with an SMA 5.0kw inverter that buys for say about $8,000.00 out of pocket the ROI would be:
9.75 x 365 = $3,558.75 an ROI of 2.25 

One thing we have not taken into account with this ROI are the de-rating factors.

This ROI indicated above is under ideal installation conditions which include the modules, mounted at 12 deg pitch, facing north with nil shading from sunrise to sunset for a whole year and a constant module temperature of 25 deg C.

Rarely does this happen especially 25 degree module temperatures,  so we like to apply a 30% de-rating factor to ensure we are not giving fanciful expectations to our clients.

So in the end, we would apply the 30% de-rating factor to give a ‘realistic’ ROI of 3.2 years.

Which is still excellent anyway!!

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Terminology Definitions

Solar Array

When you combine several solar panels, you create a solar array. The average home requires an  array of between 10 and 20 solar panels to provide enough electricity to be viable. 

Solar irradiation

is the suns radiant energy incident on a surface of unit area, expressed in units of kWh/m2.

Daily Irradiation

Typically expressed on an average daily basis for a given month. Also referred to as solar insolation or peak sun hours.

SMA Inverter

Germany’s SMA has a history of more than 35 years in the development of power inverters for residential, commercial and utility scale solar and wind energy applications – far longer than most of its competitors. Inventor of the world’s first string inverter, the SMA inverter has been the quality benchmark in the solar inverter industry for decades.

Feed in Tariffs

Solar Feed in Tariffs are a rate paid for electricity fed back into the electricity grid from a designated renewable electricity generation source such as a rooftop solar panel system or wind turbine.

What is Solar Energy?